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At Advance Orthodontics, our philosophy is to treat each patient the way he or she would want to be treated. This is why Dr. Karotkin is the Houston orthodontist who custom tailors treatment to suit each individual, according to the patient's needs and desires.

We offer a wealth of expertise in orthodontic treatment of children, teens, and adults. Whether the treatment involves Invisalign, clear braces, or traditional braces, we utilize the latest technology and research to achieve the optimal results. Beginning with your first visit, you will see that Dr. Karotkin and staff take pride in delivering treatment in a professional and caring manner. Come experience the difference at Advance Orthodontics. 713-783-8888

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"Juanita is great. She helped my children when they came to Advance Orthodontics and now she is helping me. Juanita is always happy and very positive. When I think about who I look forward to seeing at an appointment, it’s always Juanita."

Review Verified on 8/21/2018
"Over the past three years I have gotten to know the team well. I enjoy the personal interaction during each visit, and updating our recent history. Dr. Karotkin is very professional and pedantic in getting the results we desire, and I love Renee for my regular visits, she is friendly and has a gentle hand."

Review Verified on 8/18/2018
"Everyone here was so sweet to me and I was suprised when I came back and they remembered me. Everyone was so gentle with me, I never left with anything wrong. Also they were quick getting me in and getting me out. Amazing place, definitely recommend it."

Review Verified on 8/16/2018
"Loved it here! The staff was always so friendly and helpful. You did a great job correcting my bite. I'm so glad I found y'all online and came here"

Review Verified on 8/16/2018
"Great and fast service!"

Review Verified on 8/9/2018
"Everyone was very kind and friendly while maintaining the utmost professionalism. I trusted Dr. Rodriguez’s recommendation from the get go, without feeling like I was being upsold in the slightest. I’m excited to work with them as I start this process."

Review Verified on 8/4/2018
"It’s the best dental office with excellent staff and professional service"

Review Verified on 8/2/2018
"This is a complex case involving surgically facilitated ortodonture treatment and Invisalign trays. I am 5 months into the process (33 Invisalign trays), and teeth ar moving as planned. It does take a commitment to wear the trays as much as possible."

Review Verified on 8/1/2018
"Very helpful, knowledgable, and kind people."

Review Verified on 7/31/2018
"I have absolutely loved the service I have received! Everyone is incredibly nice and treats you with the utmost respect. I'm so happy I decided to come here and the results were exactly what I was looking for!"

Review Verified on 7/30/2018
"Everyone was so helpful and accommodating throughout the whole process of multiple mouth guards and braces."

Review Verified on 7/25/2018
"I would like to thank the amazing doctors and team at Advanced Orthodontics. They did such a wonderful job and were always so patient and helpful. I am very happy with my results."

Review Verified on 7/19/2018
"Exceptional care from both doctors and staff!!! Janie really have made quite an impression on us. She is always so cheerful and willing to help. She does an amazing job at what she do! Outstanding practice!!!!"

Review Verified on 7/18/2018
"One of best decisions I have made in my life! From the free consultation to the very last appointment, everyone here made me feel at home. Thank you all for everything! I love my new smile, and it's all thanks to everyone here."

Review Verified on 7/18/2018
"Janie was very helpful and Dr. Karotkin was extremely thorough and knowledgeable. When I get my braces, I will feel good about the choice I made to go with this orthodontist."
"Dr. Karotkin was wonderful. He took so much time explaining everything. All the staff were excellant too. Thank you all, Phil"

Review Verified on 6/22/2018
"They are very profecional and nice people. They did a awesome job with my daughter teeth. I Am very happy with the results."

Review Verified on 6/14/2018
"Awesome staff ....."

Review Verified on 6/13/2018
"My daughter just finished her last orthodontist session. This has been the best experience ever. The whole staff is amazing. I highly recommend Advance Orthodontist to everyone."

Review Verified on 6/13/2018
"Everyone was super generous, professional, and attentive."

Review Verified on 6/13/2018
"Dr. Karotkin and his team are incredibly talented, thorough and compassionate. I would recommend Advance Orthodontics to anyone looking for orthodontic treatment without hesitation"

Review Verified on 6/6/2018
"The people are very nice and the actual place is too. They are super understanding and do a great job!"

Review Verified on 6/5/2018
"The experience was amazing. The people here take time to listen to your questions and concerns and will answer almost everything. I would definitely recommend his to my friends."

Review Verified on 6/4/2018
"Staff are super nice and helpful and did a really good job through the years I've had braces. Would highly recommend this place if you're looking to get braces."

Review Verified on 5/31/2018
"Everyone is very polite and professional. I'm pleased with my results. My only suggestion would be to have an overview before each appointment about what will happen, and if it's a new set of aligners to be presented the timeline, especially for us detailed people. :)"

Review Verified on 5/30/2018
"I was very pleased with my experience at Advanced Orthodontics. Everyone was very helpful and I'm happy with the results"

Review Verified on 5/30/2018
"Very friendly and helpful staff! Great results! Very happy with my experience."

Review Verified on 5/21/2018
"I love everyone here. Honestly, they're all so nice and caring about if you're comfortable or not. Even though I cried getting the mold for my retainer, I still don't regret giving this place a chance. Such a smooth transition from no braces to braces, and back to having no braces!!"

Review Verified on 5/21/2018
"It was quick and easy and the results were flawless"

Review Verified on 5/17/2018
"Everybody in the office always has a smile and makes you feel welcomed. The past 2 years flew by and the team just made it that much better. Would recommend to all friends and family. A bittersweet time having my braces removed today."

Review Verified on 5/16/2018
"Everyone in the office is wonderful! Always so nice and polite, it feels like family!"

Review Verified on 5/16/2018
"All positive and everyone there was a great help."

Review Verified on 5/11/2018
"I found everyone from the front office staff to the patient coordinator and doctors to be so unbelievably accommodating and friendly. They didn't rush me through the appointment or assume to know my situation on first glance but took the time to really listen. They were empathetic and human as well as professional and knowledgable. Ultimately they needed to refer me out because of the intricacies of my particular case, but sent me on my way with x-rays and photographs to complement my referral. I appreciated their honesty and openness as opposed to working on me without consideration of the time and money that could be taken up on a problem that simply might not be in their wheelhouse. They were so considerate and caring and I highly, highly recommend them."

Review Verified on 5/1/2018
"Very efficient and I was out in 15 minutes"

Review Verified on 5/1/2018
"Advance Orthodontics is by far the best ortho business I have been to. They truly evaluate all aspects of what needs to be done, listen to every single one of your concerns, no matter how minor, and take it all into account. They are skilled, kind, and changed my life by not just shoving me into treatment, but informed me of issues that needed to be addressed first and came up with a plan that would provide me with a pain-free and healthy smile."

Review Verified on 4/24/2018
"They transformed my smile, I am now as confident as ever!!!! :)"

Review Verified on 4/24/2018
"I love how my teeth turned out!"

Review Verified on 4/19/2018
"Awesome staff Janie is exceptional she goes above and beyond"

Review Verified on 4/18/2018
"Awesome group of people! They did a great job on my teeth, will recommend to ANYONE!"

Review Verified on 4/18/2018
"Great team and great work!"

Review Verified on 4/18/2018
"Finally got my braces off today and I'm so happy with the result. Thank you both doctors and the staff for doing an awesome job and always making me feel comfortable during my appointments. Much appreciated."

Review Verified on 4/4/2018
"I enjoy every time I come to visit. All the workers treat you like a friend or family member. They also speak softly and give off a sense of comfort which is huge for me. And of course all of those beautiful smiles expresses the love they have for their work, or hobby since it comes so natural to them all! The doctors each take their time to chat with you and never feels rushed with them, even when asking questions which isn't common in most practices, or in general! I started my Invisalign here and my orthodontist (Renee) answered all my questions with a smile despite me spitting when talking with the mouth piece on haha. Great experience over all!"

Review Verified on 3/31/2018
Reviews 253 - 294 of 708

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