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At Advance Orthodontics, our philosophy is to treat each patient the way he or she would want to be treated. This is why Dr. Karotkin is the Houston orthodontist who custom tailors treatment to suit each individual, according to the patient's needs and desires.

We offer a wealth of expertise in orthodontic treatment of children, teens, and adults. Whether the treatment involves Invisalign, clear braces, or traditional braces, we utilize the latest technology and research to achieve the optimal results. Beginning with your first visit, you will see that Dr. Karotkin and staff take pride in delivering treatment in a professional and caring manner. Come experience the difference at Advance Orthodontics. 713-783-8888

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"It was the best experience ever!!! I love the and the doctor, they are very friendly!! I truly recommend this place."

Review Verified on 8/25/2014
"I love Advance Orthodontics! This is such a great place. Everything runs so smoothly! I am so happy I came here to get braces!!!"

Review Verified on 8/21/2014
"Dr. Karotkin is even better than his "mix tape" which is always awesome! Staff is the greatest! Can't say the process is fun, but if you gotta, this is the place!"

Review Verified on 8/20/2014
"Your entire staff is friendly and professional...we LOVE JANIE!!!"

Review Verified on 8/14/2014
"I am very happy with the services I have received at advanced orthodontics and highly recommend Dr. Karotkin!"

Review Verified on 8/12/2014
"Super nice people, everytime I came they were amazing and never made going to the orthodontist a bad thing. It was actually fun."

Review Verified on 8/11/2014
"I had a great experience at this office. The staff was very friendly, and made me feel very comfortable. I shopped around with multiple orthodontists around the Houston area before getting my braces, and I am very happy with the results of my treatment. Dr. Karotkin is up to date on the latest technology and procedures and was able to treat my case successfully without the extensive surgery that was recommended elsewhere. I highly recommend Advance Orthodontics."

Review Verified on 8/7/2014
"They were all very nice! They all informed me on what was going on in my mouth. Also they were able to answer all my questions."

Review Verified on 8/6/2014
"I love the service here, they make you feel as comfortable as possible, the staff is so friendly, and greet everyone that comes in. The braces here are top quality they make the braces so comfortable for yourself. They are careful with their work and detailed. I would prefer Advance Orthodotics to get braces than anywhere else. I prefer my friends to Advance Orthodontics when they need braces. Overall I love the quality of the braces and the service of Advance Orthodontics."

Review Verified on 8/5/2014
"As always, I was seen promptly. I love that I never have to wait and my appointment starts on time. I'm thrilled with my progress so far unsung Invisalign!"

Review Verified on 7/29/2014
"The staff was very professional and polite. From the reception desk personnel to the orthodontist, they all treated me very good, and kept my goal in mind, treatment. I also liked that they were very upfront, honest, and genuine in their consultation. I would definitely recommend Dr. Karotkin and his office."

Review Verified on 7/29/2014
"Dr. K and his staff are top tier. They are efficient, professional, and great at their job. Very caring staff and also very knowledgable. Checked four other orthodontists before going with Dr.K and I am glad I did. Would strongly recommend to future clients."

Review Verified on 7/24/2014
"Impressive doctor, staff and facility. The entire appoitment was outstanding in all respects. The exam was thorough. All of my questions were discussed and answered. Very professional with a friendly approach. Highly recommend to anyway considering othodontia."

Review Verified on 7/23/2014
"It's time to remove my braces and it is a biter sweet moment! My teeth looks awesome. I'm very happy with the results. I will miss the Advance Orthodontics of Houston Team! Thank you so much for taking care of me!!! Big Hug =)"

Review Verified on 7/23/2014
"I came to Dr. Karotkin after my parents were not pleased with the game plan proposed by a different orthodontist to straighten my teeth. Janie and the whole staff were extremely nice and helpful. Dr. Karotkin was wonderful. He and the staff took their time to explain everything to us. My regular dentist complimented me on my teeth and said that Dr. Karotkin did a great job. We are very pleased with the outcome. The total process was even shorter than the proposed time! I would highly recommend Dr. Karotkin to anyone needing braces."

Review Verified on 7/16/2014
"My three kids came here so when I needed to have some work done of course I came to Dr Karotkin. The whole office crew are wonderful and caring."

Review Verified on 7/15/2014
"The staff and Dr. Karotkin are always very professional , timely, and extremely courteous. Great care and have referred his care to friends and family!"

Review Verified on 7/9/2014
"Best employees in the world. Wouldn't have anyone else working on my braces except these wonderful people here at advance orthodontics. They fixed up my horrible teeth with their state of the art equipment and wonderful service. Thank you to dr. Karotkin and all of the loyal employees for their great services"

Review Verified on 6/25/2014
"Advance Orthodontics was a great place to have my teeth straightened. Their treatment lasted only 18 months for me which is a nice period of time. The treatment was minimally painful and the people working here were just awesome! All in all this place was great and I highly recommend!"

Review Verified on 6/24/2014
"Those guys are just awesome, am a transfer case from Italy .... And Dr.John just did a great job completing the treatment ... The staff are just so nice and friendly"

Review Verified on 6/23/2014
"I always wanted perfect teeth and happened to come to this office by chance but it turned out to be the best! As soon as I came here I felt comfortable and I really love it. The office feels very home-y and warm. And everyone who works here have only given me smiles and happy attitudes. I would recommend advance orthodontics to everyone!"

Review Verified on 6/18/2014
"The experience I have had at Advanced Orthodontics has been a very good one. Dr. John Koratkin is a talented professional who is concerned about the final outcome of his work as well as the satisfaction of the client. Dr. John Koratkin and his team are a pleasure to work with - he and the entire office staff are friendly, warm people. He runs a "happy" office. I can recommend this group unconditionally."

Review Verified on 6/16/2014
"Both myself and my daughter have been patients at Advanced Orthodontics. The team is extremely professional, flexible and friendly. They do great work! I could not recommend this practice enough."

Review Verified on 6/12/2014
"All staff and doc very good. Pleasant, knowledgeable. Got great results and had me wife go to him as well. All appointments were on time. Never had to wait. Great experience."

Review Verified on 5/28/2014
"When I started to come to Advanced Orthodontics my teeth were so messed up. After just 2 years my teeth look better than ever. Advanced Orthodontics works quick and they always are there to help if something is bothering you."

Review Verified on 5/21/2014
"Just got my braces off and my teeth look awesome!!! Great job! Dr. K and his staff are so kind and courteous!"

Review Verified on 5/6/2014
"I was born with a misaligned jaw and it was a serious problem for me. Luckily, before I was fully grown and the problem became permanent, I started receiving treatment at advance orthodontics. Over the course of a few year they corrected my problem and now I'm sexy."

Review Verified on 5/1/2014
"The Advance Orthodontics staff is very professional! During every visit, I receive top-notch service. Everyone is positive, friendly, and extremely helpful. The environment is always very fun, positive, warm, and upbeat!"

Review Verified on 5/1/2014
"I am very satisfied in my teeth and my bite. Y'all have provided excellent service throughout the years of my treatment. I would definitely recommend Advance Orthodontics to others."

Review Verified on 4/7/2014
"It was very quick and they were super nice every time I went in! So glad I got to go with Invisalign!"

Review Verified on 4/3/2014
"The staff is always so kind every time my son comes for a visit...he never feels anxious or scared. Great job!!"

Review Verified on 4/2/2014
"Dr Karotkin and his staff are all very professional and highly qualified. Also when you have an appt for a certain time, they are ready! Judy gave me such personal attention on this last visit. Can't say enough good things about this practice."

Review Verified on 3/27/2014
"Came to get braces. The doctor and his associates were very good at the job. The ladies who checked me in and set up the dates for future appointments were extremely kind. Most people said hello if they knew who I was especially the lady who is not a doctor with office directly left once you go in the door. Every did very well. Plus I like the old music choice, better then modern music. Good choice"

Review Verified on 3/27/2014
"Everyone is always so kind, professional, and courteous! I have always had such a great experience with each appointment !!!! Love you guys!!!!"

Review Verified on 3/26/2014
"Dr. Karotkin and his staff are just the very best team of professionals you can find! When we first moved here almost three years ago, he continued my treatments and did a wonderful job finishing what the other orthodontist started. Dr Karotkin's attention to detail is extremely great as it produced far better results I would have had from my previous ortho. His staff made me feel so welcome and as a new Texas resident, that helped a lot in giving me back a sense of familiarity with the place. After being done from all treatments, I'm still coming back again and again - this time, for my daughters. We've moved 45 minutes away from Briar Forest ever since but I'm not taking my kids elsewhere. I know that in here, my kids will receive the best care and attention - better than what they could probably get 10 minutes away from where we live!"
"Appointments are always on time and the staff is very efficient and friendly."

Review Verified on 3/6/2014
"For a long time i never smiled because i know if i did people would laugh at me, but thanks to doctor Karotkin i can smile without having to cover my mouth. They are all so nice and professional at doctor Karotkin office. Thank you so much for treating me."

Review Verified on 3/6/2014
"Overall I was completely satisfied with the results here. It was quick and easy everytime."

Review Verified on 2/26/2014
"I am a 15 year old girl that used to have very messed up teeth but now they look amazing. Advanced orthodontics did a amazing job"

Review Verified on 2/25/2014
"I had never had orthodoncist treatment and had some problems on the upper teeth snd major issues in the lower ones. Since the beginning all the process was very clearly presented. Excellent treatment from start to finish. Highly qualified personnel and extraordinarily nice! All of them"

Review Verified on 2/25/2014
"Every time I have brought my son Louie to Dr. K's office, all the staff have been friendly and very professional. Hot coffee in the lobby and wifi are also a plus while waiting for the work to be done. Louie also reports exactly what he is supposed to be doing to take care of his teeth. Thanks for all you do!"

Review Verified on 2/20/2014
"WOW! I didn't realize how beautiful my teeth could be. Dr. K isn't just a great doctor he is a truly gifted one. Fixing every problem to a finite detail. My results are not just good or great. But, absolutely perfect. I'm thrilled. He did the same thing for my boys so no surprises here. I prefer to call everyone here in the office team members because, they work together like a team should. Making sure all of the the details are perfected by helping each other make a perfect result. All of them take pride in their work and the final results shine bright. Not to mention, everyone knows your name. It's very nice. Thank you, Kim L. (AKA -SB) a little inside joke."

Review Verified on 2/18/2014
Reviews 547 - 588 of 708

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